Ladies let’s talk about the elephant in the room: gray hair. In a world where men with salt and pepper locks are celebrated as ‘silver foxes,’ why is it that we women are often made to feel past our prime just because our hair has started to turn gray naturally? This is a double standard that we need to challenge and change.


I remember the day I discovered my first gray hair. I was shocked and, admittedly, a little scared. Society had conditioned me to believe that gray hair was a sign of aging, a sign that I was no longer in my ‘prime.’ But then, I realized: this was my natural beauty shining through.  2019, was my year to embrace every inch of my natural beauty. I kicked my makeup bag to the curb, bid adieu to my colourist, and even dared to ditch the razor (though that didn’t last too long, but hey, I gave it a shot, okay?). Honey, I was feeling myself, and nobody could bring me down!


Embracing my gray hair became a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It was my rebellion against societal expectations, a statement that said, “I am beautiful, just the way I am.” And you know what? It felt liberating!

Ageism, particularly in the workforce, is an undeniable reality. It’s even more pronounced for women who hold positions in the C-Suite or public office. The fear and anxiety around it are real, but we should not let them dictate how we perceive ourselves.


Rather than seeing our graying hair as a sign of aging, let’s see it as a badge of honor, symbolizing wisdom, and life experience. Let’s wear it with pride, knowing we’ve earned every single strand. Let’s flip the narrative and redefine what it means to be a ‘silver vixen.’


Navigating these challenges can be tough, but here are some tips to help you along the way:


Own Your Gray

Don’t hide your silver strands; flaunt them! They are a part of who you are.  Choose a style that makes you feel amazing and rock those locks.

Be Confident

Confidence is key. Carry yourself with the knowledge that you are beautiful, no matter what.  Whether you choose to embrace your silver strands or go bubble gum a la Frenchie from Grease, confidence is always the key.  Wear it proudly.


Educate Yourself and Others

Understand ageism and its effects. Talk about it, challenge it, and educate others about it.  I had a great conversation recently that made me rethink how I respond or give compliments.  Would I ever say “Wow, you look amazing!!” when finding out a woman is only 25?  Of course not!  Then why would I say it to a woman who is 65, or 75?  Hmmm.


Practice Self-Love

You are your own biggest critic. Love yourself, gray hair and all, and others will follow suit.  This was a big one for me.  I hit the pinnacle last summer when I even embraced my menopausal body and wore my 2-piece bikini on the deck of our boat all summer during our cruise of the Rideau Canal.  In the past, I would have absolutely covered up when entering a lock station or docking at a marina, that is if I even ventured to show off my belly.  But I decided it was time for me to love ME, gray hair, rolls, and all.


So, ladies, let’s celebrate our natural beauty. Let’s embrace our gray hair and wear it as a symbol of strength, wisdom, and life experience. After all, we’re not just getting older; we’re getting better. Here’s to being proud, sassy, silver vixens!