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🧭 Discover Your Inner Queen with Compass Clarity 🧭

April 24 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Hey there, radiant rebels at heart! Are you ready to summon your inner strength and pave the way to personal royalty? 🌟 If you’ve been feeling a bit adrift in the bustling sea that is midlife, it’s time to anchor down and chart your course to rediscovery with Compass Clarity: Charting the Course to Your Inner Queen.

In this sanctuary space, both online and in the quaint town of Ajax, we create a sisterhood circle where laughter echoes and transformations blossom. Whether you choose to join our in-person Wednesday afternoons amidst natural beauty 🌳 or gather virtually on Tuesday nights under the cloak of stars 🌌, the intimate encounter awaits your presence.

Here’s a glimpse of our royal itinerary:

🔹 Week 1: North: Find Your True North… and Your True Self

Say ‘no more’ to fading into the background. You’re not just someone’s something – you’re gloriously YOU. And it’s about time we celebrated every facet of your magnificent persona. 🎉

🔹 Week 2: East: A New Dawn for Your Dormant Desires

Remember that spark you once had, the one that used to dance in your eyes? We’re reigniting that! Watch as your passions awaken from their slumber, stretching their limbs like a bear awakening from hibernation. 🐻💤➡️💃

🔹 Week 3: South: Stand Tall in Your Power

Dear Queen, it’s time we stripped away the shroud of self-doubt. Tailoring a cloak of confidence fitting only for you, we’ll stitch it with threads of self-worth and beads of boldness. 💪

🔹 Week 4: West: The Setting Sun and Rising Self

Self-care isn’t selfish; it’s sanity. Draped in the velvet night, we pledge to place ourselves on the throne of our agendas, our well-being reigning supreme. 👑

🔹 Week 5: Your Vision, Your Voice, Your Victory

Envision your future tapestry, woven with the vibrant threads of hopes and dreams, and speak its existence into the Universe. Your declaration is your powerful beginning. ✨

Fortified with over $1500 of pure value, this is not just a course; it’s a coronation. 🤩 And because my heart leaps at the thought of welcoming you into our realm, I’m offering you this regal path for just $197.

BUT, it’s for a blink-and-you-miss-it moment; so, seize your scepter of opportunity now! Don’t just step—stride into your new era with Compass Clarity, and watch your inner Queen rise.

Fellow life adventuress, are you weary from the mundane march and yearning to reclaim the ferocity of your spirit? 🔥 Take my hand; together, we’ll laugh in the face of apprehension and waltz into our next chapter with sass and sophistication.

Your throne awaits, Your Highness. Click now to claim your spot amidst the sisterhood of sovereigns.

Remember when we had to subscribe to some predefined narrative of what women “should be,” especially as we crest the peak of midlife? Pfft. We’re rewriting the playbook. With Compass Clarity, we’re bringing sexy back to sovereignty, and your story—your extraordinary tale—is the starring headline. 📜💃

Join me, won’t you? Click here and declare, “I am regal” to the hills and beyond. And sure, you might trip on your royal robe now and again (who hasn’t?), but we’ll be here, ready to catch you with grace, giggles, and maybe a little glitter. ✨

Remember, darling, this isn’t just another coaching program. It’s your grand entrance to a world where the whispers of your wisdom are roars, and each step is a dance. It’s a storybook ending—and beginning—with YOU as the protagonist.

I can’t wait to witness the unfurling of your beautiful banner. Until then, stay dazzling. 💖

To adventure, laughter, and a whole lot of moxie!!

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I say, “Watch us!” 😉


April 24
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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