So, you thought puberty was over and done with, right?  Wrong. Menopause brings a whole new set of challenges, including the dreaded menopausal acne. If you’ve started to experience breakouts during this time of life, don’t worry—you’re not alone! Let’s take a look at why this happens and what you can do about it.

What Causes Menopausal Acne?

The primary cause of menopausal acne is hormonal changes that occur during this time in a woman’s life. At menopause, the ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone. These hormones play an important role in regulating sebum production (the oily substance that keeps skin soft and hydrated). When the levels of these hormones decline, sebum production increases—which can lead to an increase in breakouts. In addition, the increased stress that often accompanies menopause can also contribute to skin problems, including acne.

How Can I Treat Menopausal Acne?

The good news is that there are several steps you can take to reduce your chances of experiencing breakouts during menopause. Start by eating a balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and low in processed foods and refined sugars. This will help keep your blood sugar levels stable (which has been linked to decreased instances of acne), as well as provide your body with essential nutrients for optimal health. Find you can’t get enough of these into your diet?  Me too.  That’s why I bridge the gap with supplements.

Additionally, try to limit your stress levels as much as possible.  I know, not an easy task these days.  Activities like yoga or meditation are great ways calm anxiety and relieve stress.

Finally, use gentle skincare products specifically designed for sensitive skin types—this will help ensure that you don’t irritate existing blemishes or create new ones from harsh ingredients or fragrances found in many conventional products.  Personally, I love these products which also include collagen to help keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Menopausal acne is no fun—but it doesn’t have to rule your life! By making simple lifestyle changes like eating a nutritious diet and limiting stress levels, as well as using gentle skincare products designed for sensitive skin types, you can fight back against those pesky breakouts without compromising your self-confidence or overall well-being. So, chin up—you got this! And if all else fails… just embrace those wrinkles! They add character anyway 😉