As women, we often feel the pressure to prove ourselves in a world that tells us we are not enough. We work hard to achieve success, but sometimes when we finally reach our goals, we find ourselves self-sabotaging and unable to move forward. This is the Upper Limit Problem, a concept introduced by Dr. Gay Hendricks. In this blog post, we will explore the four main fears that keep this problem in place and how recognizing and overcoming them can help us reach our full potential.

Upper Limit Problem Cover
The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Feeling Fundamentally Flawed

One of the most fundamental fears that women face is believing they’re not good enough.  We may have been told this by others or have internalized it from past experiences.  These experiences can lead to deep-seated beliefs that they don’t deserve success. To overcome this feeling, it’s essential to change your internal dialogue. Practice self-love and positive affirmations and be kind to yourself. Learn mindfulness techniques or meditation to help you tame the inner Feeling Fundamentally Flawedcritic that tells you that you don’t deserve success.


Disloyalty and Abandonment

This fear pertains to those who grew up in families where their achievements were downplayed, or their success was met with resentment, jealousy, or criticism. As adults, women often hold back their accomplishments to avoid being labeled as traitors by their loved ones. To liberate yourself from this fear, share your achievements with supportive people who see the value in what you do. Build a network of connections outside your family who can offer you constructive feedback, advice, and stay committed to your dreams.


Believing More Success Means a Heavier Burden

Sometimes, the fear of success is due to the belief that it comes with a price – the more success you achieve, the more responsibility you have to shoulder. This fear can lead to self-sabotage, aiming for mediocrity or giving up altogether. Taking baby steps towards your goals can help overcome this fear. Break the success down into smaller milestones and celebrate each accomplishment. This way, you can build self-confidence in your abilities and trust that more significant achievements won’t overwhelm you.

The Crime of Outshining

The Crime of Outshining

This fear is common among women who believe that their success will make others feel inferior or resentful. This fear can prompt women to hold back, play small, diminish their achievements and miss out on opportunities. To combat this fear, understand that everyone has the potential to shine; when one person succeeds, it’s an inspiration, and help others believe in themselves, as well. Stop comparing your journey to others, and celebrate their achievements as well as your own. By applauding others, you create a culture of success that uplifts all.



Breaking free from the Upper Limit Problem takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it. We need to embrace challenges, take calculated risks, and believe in ourselves. We deserve success as much as anyone else. Now that you know the four main fears that keep the Upper Limit Problem in place let’s take action to defy these fears and achieve our full potential. Join our upcoming workshop to learn more about the Upper Limit Problem and how to overcome it. Break free from your limiting beliefs and experience the life you deserve.